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What is transition in labour? – Hypnobirthing Tips

What is transition in labour? – Hypnobirthing Tips

When a woman is going through labour, things do not happen haphazardly but they follow a systematic process that is denoted using stages. Any woman who gives birth begins with the first stage (or Up Stage in Hypnobirthing) of labour before transitioning to the 2nd stage (Down Stage in Hypnobirthing). The first stage is where the uterine muscles cause the cervix to fully dilate and the second stage is where the uterine muscles push baby earth side. Some women describe a transition phase between stage one and stage two. This can be a matter of seconds or 30 minutes long.

What happens during the transition phase?

One of the flagship changes is the sudden surge of the hormone, adrenaline which in turn, can make mum feel a little panicky but it is the body preparing for the energy that will be required for the second stage of labour. Adrenaline works directly to oppose the effects of oxytocin and endorphins which explains why mum can feel panicky and/or less comfortable. Adrenaline causes the fight or flight response so mum will need lots of encouragement and support at this moment in time.

Alternatively, mums can experience labour slowing down or even stopping completely during the transition phase. The thought is that this is the body giving itself a short break to replenish energy levels before the second stage of labour.

Tips for coping with Transition

One other worry most birthing mums have with regards to transition is how to effectively handle it. The basic advice I can give is that it is vitally important to prepare for any eventuality. Apart from this, it’s also important for your birthing partner to be adequately educated about this period so that they can be of assistance when the moment comes.

Lastly, you should take time to practice some relaxation techniques to help you encounter the effects of an adrenaline surge. You have to know that there is nothing to worry about if you are adequately prepared to handle this phase when it comes. It also means that you will be meeting your baby really soon!

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What is transition in labour? – Hypnobirthing Tips

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