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Self-Care in Pregnancy – The Christmas Addition

Self-Care in Pregnancy – The Christmas Addition

It a busy time of year and lots of people are rushing around get the preparations for Christmas ready and tying up loose ends at work before the Christmas break. If you then add in an extra factor of being pregnant some mums can really burn themselves out. This is a topic that has come up a lot with my mums recently so I felt like sending out a little reminder about the importance of self-care. Your body is going through so many changes it is important to make sure you get the opportunity to rest and replenish your energy supply.

Take time for you

One thing that’s important especially for expecting mums is to take time for yourself. Soon you will not have a moment alone for a very long time! Carrying on as normal plus being pregnant can be exhausting. It’s ok to take the time out every day or week to relax and unwind, whatever that might be a bath, reading or anything to slow the body and the mind down.

Saying no

No is one word that I’d say is really difficult for a lot of people to say. When you are pregnant, it’s a word that you have to say frequently and you should never ever feel guilty for saying it. You have to remember, you are doing an amazing thing you are growing another human and it takes a lot of energy and effort, which means you can only do so much at any particular time. What this means is that when someone asks you to do something that is unnecessary or to go for an unnecessary outing or something related, you really have to say no. It’s better for you to rest instead than having to do something that won’t be of much benefit in the long run.


Letting negative thoughts or concerns run away with you or keep you up and night isn’t going to do you any good in the long term. Instead of worrying about the if’s and but’s go other there and get the information you need to feel in control. Find out about your rights, options and choices in childbirth. Work on building your confidence in yourself and your birthing team. Mindset is a self-care biggy and with the right mindset, you can reach great heights.

For more self-care tips check out my group and 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing classes. Email me on for more information.

Self-Care in Pregnancy – The Christmas Addition

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