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Overcoming the fear of childbirth for expectant mums – Bucks and Berks Hypnobirthing

Overcoming the fear of childbirth for expectant mums – Bucks and Berks Hypnobirthing

It really doesn’t surprise me how many expectant mums contact me explaining their fear of childbirth. We seem to live in a culture where girls and women are programmed to fear childbirth. Movies and the media, do not make things any better as they tend to portray this process as scary and horrible of which it isn’t (or it doesn’t have to be). If you are about to give birth and are scared of the uncertainties surrounding your situation. Here are some tips on how to overcome the fear of childbirth.

Ignore the negative

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to overcome fear under any circumstances is to try as much as possible to ignore the negativity. I know, this can seem like a longshot considering how easy it now is to access information. You might be just a search and click away from accessing all videos of childbirth’s that went wrong but don’t succumb to the temptation of trying to do so. Even if you know someone who went through a horrible experience, you don’t have to be worried about it because if you decide to become a hypnobirthing mum 84% of birth’s have no intervention compare to 64% of general population mums.

Improve confidence in yourself and body

Fear cannot coexist with confidence. One has to be suppressed so that the other can thrive. The maternity period is long and most women tend to anticipate a lot of things especially in the final trimester. Although most of these anticipations are great, some of them go a long way in damaging a person’s confidence. One other thing that destroys confidence are the body’s changes during pregnancy. To deal with changes, you have to understand the fundamental things that although the changes might be prominent, they are only temporary and it will pass when you give birth to your bouncing baby. Women’s bodies have been designed to give birth. Your just need to trust your body and yourself.

Allow yourself to heal

If you had a bad experience during a previous childbirth, it’s expected for you to be afraid whenever you are about to go through the same process again. To effectively deal with the worry, it’s important for you to give yourself time and space to heal before trying to have another child so that you will ultimately be prepared when the time for giving childbirth comes. It is important to share your thoughts, feelings and to seek support if required.

Get knowledge

I’m sure you’ve heard a quote that says, “Knowledge is power” countless times before. The reason why the quote is popular is simply because it’s true. Knowledge is indeed power. Most expectant mothers are usually afraid simply because they don’t know the exact risks associated with childbirth and how they can be averted. When people have scarce knowledge, they tend to believe anything they hear which often leads to stress. Get informed!

To find out how my birth preparation classes can reduce fear of childbirth and build confidence and excitement contact me on 07399405578 for a free consultation call.

Overcoming the fear of childbirth for expectant mums – Bucks and Berks Hypnobirthing

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