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My Hypnobirthing Story Part Two – The Birth

My Hypnobirthing Story Part Two

Hypnobirthing Story Part TwoEquipped and ready to go but suffering terribly with SPD I finished work 2 weeks before my due date. 4 days later my waters broke in the middle of the night; well they practically broke and to be honest I thought I’d wet myself. The next morning after calling the Midwife lead unit at 2 am I had a check; yes my waters were partially broken. I was told that if I went into labour in the next 24 hours I could come to the unit (my preferred choice) if it was longer off to hospital with the view to be induced.

So off I went home, post check. I went to Waitrose (had a pretty intense surge in the frozen aisle), relaxed at home, ate pineapple. Unfortunately, even though I was relaxed and happy nothing was really happening.
Fast forward 48 hours and I am hooked up to a drip and a monitor and I am being induced. Not the ‘perfect’ birth I had imagined. However, all was going well. My surges were coming thick and fast then I had an exam, only to be told “Oh, you are only 2 cms”.

My first thoughts were: What! 1) I should have declined this interference . . . and 2) only 2 cms!
I then had a quiet word with myself . . . “Come on Ruth, open up, get going, do what you need to do”. Everything was intensifying, Very randomly my relaxing colour from my sessions was florescent yellow and conveniently this is the colour of medical waste bins (so glamorous)! So a well-placed bin really helped me to calm down, relax and focus during a period of time where I felt things could have gone differently. I started to feel the real urge of the baby pushing down. I can’t describe this but it was the most natural and instinctive feeling I have ever had. Within a matter of a few hours, I had gone from ‘only’ 2 cms to fully-dilated. My little boy was making his way into the world.

Once again I wish I had been more direct with my choices as some pushing coaching went on and I really wasn’t up for any direction at this point. But, after what felt like only a few minutes of breathing and focused thought my gorgeous son arrived.

So here I was, a first-time mum with this perfect little man. I had done it. I felt invincible! I imagine this is how Beyonce feels every day, but today was my day. So, not the perfect water birth in a midwife led unit but it was a positive birth for me. More importantly, my little man arrived in a calm, loving and happy environment.

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