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My Hypnobirthing Story Part One – The Sessions

My Hypnobirthing Story Part One

Hypnobirthing StoryI want to start off by saying that my approach to Hypnobirthing came from a slightly different perspective than most expectant parents as I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and I was already well aware of the power of the mind and how hypnotherapy techniques can change people’s behaviours and in turn their lives.

Having said that I didn’t actually know a lot about Hypnobirthing. A fellow hypno friend had done her hypnobirthing training a year before I became pregnant and of course she was my first port of call. About two months before my due date we did three hypnobirthing sessions together. I hadn’t been able to convince my husband to partake as he was already doing NCT classes with me and generally steers well clear of my hypno related activities!! In hindsight it’s a real shame he didn’t get more involved, I think I should have been more forceful. If we had learnt the hypnobirthing skills together I think I would have been stronger to tell the people around me what I wanted from my labour (ideally a water birth in a midwife led unit) and especially post labour in the first hour of my son’s life. My golden hour was definitely not this protected quiet place I had expected . . . but more of that to follow in my next blog.

When I started the hypnobirthing classes I was expecting a lovely relaxing couple of hours with one of my close friends getting all prepared for the birth of our new addition. What I wasn’t expecting was all the science that came out of it. A very simple and clear explanation of the muscles and hormones of the body and a reminder of how the power of the mind can work in harmony to ensure my body does what it is designed to do. Through this knowledge and understanding I was able to let go of all limiting beliefs and it really changed my perspective on what the female body can do when you let it.

Then came the best bit. All of the relaxation! Having studied with this particular friend she can hypnotise me in about 2 seconds and I go into a trance state where I ‘forget’ everything. Once again this isn’t the norm with hypnobirthing as the scripts and hypno bit is more about remaining calm, focused and relaxed rather than what could be called hard-core hypnotherapy.

Like most first time parents I was enrolled in NCT classes and I was shocked at the information that hadn’t been communicated to me – to give you a few examples: the muscles of the uterus and how they work, questions to ask if you are offered an induction, and your options in the initial few moments of your baby entering the world such as delayed cord clamping. Now don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed NCT, it definitely has its place and I met some wonderful mums and dads through our class but I really felt that there were some huge gaps in my knowledge.

Thanks for reading My Hypnobirthing Story part One

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  1. Great to hear your first hand experiences – would love to hear more

    • Than you for your comment Hayley, part two is out today! Happy reading


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