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Hayley’s Hypnobirthing Story

Hayleys Hypnobirthing Story

Hayleys Hypnobirthing StoryThank you Hayley from Henley for sharing your Hypnobirthing Story. After working with Hayley and her husband during her third trimester Hayley went on to have a beautiful little girl. Her story isn’t too dissimilar to my own. Even though she was induced and there were a few hairy moments during her labour the Hypnobirthing skills she learnt helped her cope with the situation and power through.

“After a few weeks of sporadic aches and pains, I was excited to feel my first ‘real’ (but still very irregular) surges on the Saturday night. Through the night they continued to come every 30-40 minutes and were of a decent intensity. My ‘up’ breaths were put to practice but the surges were still manageable.

Frustratingly, on Sunday morning it all stopped. I decided to carry on with my day. I went for a slow walk with my husband, met a friend for coffee and made sure I ate and drank plenty. As I settled into bed on Sunday night, the surges returned. This time the intensity had increased and they were coming every ten minutes or so. I spent most of the night in a warm bath listening to soothing music and breathing through the surges.

Monday morning broke and once again the surges stalled. I kept my husband home from work, maintained my food and drink intake, rested and napped. At around 2pm, my waters broke and the surges returned.

The hospital advised we head home and wait for labour to establish, and booked an induction for the next day in case it didn’t. For a while it looked like we were progressing quickly. By 7pm my surges were coming every 6-8 minutes and lasting a minute. The frequency fluctuated through the night but by Tuesday morning they were once again sporadic, coming at intervals of between 10 and 20 minutes. In spite of being very tired by this stage, I felt calm and excited to meet my little girl, and continued to comfortably breathe through the surges.

The oxotycin drip was switched on at 5pm on Tuesday to encourage my labour to establish, and it worked quickly. By about 7pm, I was getting surges every few minutes, using gas and air and up breathing and coping well. Our midwife, Norah, was friendly and calm and left me largely to manage the labour myself. Unfortunately Norah’s shift ended and she was replaced by Kate who was a little more businesslike about the whole process.

She didn’t enquire about my birth preferences and by this stage the surges were intense enough that I was just focused on labouring and not on managing the other people in the room. My husband prioritised supporting me over worrying too much about what else was happening.

The hormone drip was turned up every half hour but by about 8.30pm I was contracting almost constantly and struggling to maintain my composure. They turned it down and by 9pm I entered the transition phase and suddenly felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I asked for pain relief and at 9.30 was administered diamorphine without being examined. Half an hour later I started to feel the urge to push and the midwife confirmed I was fully dilated. I realised quickly that the pain relief had been given too late, but there was no turning baby back.

As she descended into the birth canal, the midwife shouted at me to push repeatedly, in spite of my birth preferences specifying that I should be allowed to let my body dictate the pushing process. I ignored her and followed the surges, breathing and allowing my instincts to take over. I remembered the importance of my position and clambered up onto my knees, arms slung over the back of the bed which was raised to a seating position. My husband calmly remained by my side giving words of encouragement and support between the surges.

Unfortunately, Kate didn’t realise when my bubba was crowning and was rather surprised when her head flew out as I was bearing down forcefully. I tore badly. Her body followed quickly and I immediately regained my composure and decided to ensure that the rest of our birth experience followed my preferences.

We had immediate skin-to-skin and I made sure her cord had stopped pulsing before it was cut. I was trying to latch her when I realised there was a tug between my legs and my placenta was being ‘encouraged’ along by the midwife. I then lost a litre of blood very quickly and suddenly there was a senior midwife and a doctor present.

They administered anaesthetic and tried to stitch me but the more junior midwife was too slow and by the third stitch I could feel everything. I had handed our darling girl to my husband for skin to skin for fear I’d hurt her as the pain was severe.

I demanded a doctor to come and assess the situation, aware our precious golden hour was ticking by. An excellent doc confirmed the bleed had stopped, I was no longer at high risk and we could have 30 minutes of time alone with the baby before they finished the stitching. The doc administered plenty more anaesthetic and finished the job swiftly and efficiently, I finally felt calm again.

Unfortunately, the big dose diamorphine so late on in the delivery meant that Felix was very sleepy and reluctant to feed for the first 48 hours. She became dehydrated and we were kept in hospital to be monitored for two additional nights. I’m pleased to report that she’s now feeding enthusiastically, gaining weight and perfectly bright and alert.

Hypnobirthing helped me to calmly manage a long latent phase and induction (not the waterbirth I had hoped for). It also gave me the strength and conviction to take control of our labour and follow my instincts, in spite of my birth preferences going out the window. I felt empowered and informed, and was able to make the most of a chaotic delivery.”

Thank you Hayley for sharing your honest story. Wishing you and your family all the very best. Now you are part of the mummy tribe!

Thanks for reading Hayleys Hypnobirthing Story

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Bucks and Berks Hypnobirthing delivers one-to-one and group Hypnobirthing sessions in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Areas covered in Buckinghamshire include: Marlow, High Wycombe, Bourne End and Beaconsfield Areas covered in Berkshire include: Maidenhead, Cookham, Windsor and Reading