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Guest Post with Chloe Hill, lead instructor for Mini First Aid in Thames Valley

Guest Post with Chloe Hill, lead instructor for Mini First Aid in Thames Valley

I have a fabulous guest post from a wonderful local mum Chloe Hill, lead instructor for Mini First Aid in Thames Valley. First aid has a very close place in my heart and I believe everyone should have basic skills to help family, friends or a complete stranger when they have come to harm.


I was fortunate enough to have done First Aid training throughout my life from my late teens. I think it becomes even more important when a little one comes into this world so Chloe is doing a very important job of teaching people baby and child first aid in my local area.


Chloe is passionate and knowledgeable about this important topic. Here is her feedback from a few questions:


What made you decide to start this business?

It was following a nasty burn to my 3rd daughter’s leg that I realised I had no idea what to do. I was on holiday in a restaurant and the local people around us although really kind and trying to be helpful, were convinced that putting honey on the burn was the best thing to do. Luckily there was an ex nurse who saw what was happening and told us to get the burn under cold water. I then felt terribly guilty that I hadn’t been on a first aid course and signed up to one immediately when I got home. I did wonder though why and how I had slipped through the net in attending one and realised that there weren’t many that were convenient or affordable. That’s when I heard about Mini First Aid and wanted to make it available in the Thames Valley.


What can someone expect to learn on this course?

They will learn the basics from what to put into your First Aid Kit, to how to deal with choking and CPR. I also cover, burns, breaks and fractures, head bumps, meningitis awareness, bleeding and lots of other useful tips to compliment the main subjects.


Do you have any top parent watch-outs?

Always always always sit with your child when they are eating. Gagging is noisy, but choking is silent and you wouldn’t know it was happening if you had your back to them.


It is arguable that attending a baby/child first aid course could be the most important 2 hours of your life. Thank you Chloe! Please feel free to contact myself or Chloe for more information.


For more information and class dates visit

Private classes available with a minimum of 5 people at £25 each –

Guest Post with Chloe Hill, lead instructor for Mini First Aid in Thames Valley

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