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Open Letter to my prego self

Open Letter to my prego self – Berks Hypnobirthing As my son approaches another birthday (where has my baby gone!) I have been reflecting on the amazing journey we have been through as a family. I’ve been thinking back to when we found out we were pregnant and my bump days. So, I have decided to write an open letter to my 8 months pregnant self with the hope that it can help some other ladies out there (or their birth partners) if they see some of these traits in themselves. Firstly give yourself a break! Stop trying to do everything and be everything to everyone. You’re a bit of an ‘I can do it all’ person! I know you hate being treated differently just because you are pregnant. If someone offers you help or tell’s you to slow down you don’t n...Read More

Push it real good…. or not!

Push it real good…. or not! Bucks Hypnobirthing Many people’s perception of labour is of a woman on her back in bed, huffing and puffing and pushing as if her life depending on it. It has become part of the British birthing culture for midwives to coach women to push during the second stage of labour. Often women will be told to put their chin on their chest and push down when their baby is descending down the birth canal. Often they will be told not to shout and to channel that energy. There are a few problems with coaching pushing: If you are being coached to push you are not listening to your body, you are listening to those around you. You need to follow your instincts to birth your baby You are tensing and ‘pushing’ using the wrong muscles. The uterine musc...Read More

Let’s talk about love, or more specifically the hormone of love oxytocin

Let’s talk about love, or more specifically the hormone of love oxytocin As it’s that time of year where we celebrate the ones we love with cards, flowers and boxes of chocolates I thought it would be fitting to talk about oxytocin, otherwise known as the hormone of love. Oxytocin got this nickname as it’s produced at certain moments in our lives, when we fall in love, when we make love and when we give birth. Oxytocin is absolutely critical in ensuring that labour progresses well and that muscles of the uterus do what they need to do. Unfortunately oxytocin has another nickname, it’s sometimes called the shy hormone. This is because if you feel observed or unsafe then the brain will stop producing oxytocin. When this happens labour can slow down and the uterine muscles can work agains...Read More

Warning slightly ranty Hypnobirthing blog!

Warning slightly ranty Hypnobirthing blog! Hypnobirthing is not hippy dippy mumbo jumbo. Sometimes when I tell people what I do they give me a bit of a funny look and say phrases like “you don’t look like a tree hugger” or “can you hypnotise me to be a chicken?” (Why of all things would you like to be a chicken?), so this blog has been written to try and dispel some of the hypno-haters common perceptions of Hypnobirthing! 1) Main myth – Hypnobirthing is hippy dippy mumbo jumbo. There may be some ‘hippy’ style hypnobirthing teachers out there who may incorporate ‘hippy lifestyle’ techniques into their teaching and that is great. That is not my chosen style, one reason is I mainly shop in Topshop so I don’t think I’d fit into the hippy community very well. Also I have trained with one of...Read More

Hayley’s Hypnobirthing Story

Hayleys Hypnobirthing Story Thank you Hayley from Henley for sharing your Hypnobirthing Story. After working with Hayley and her husband during her third trimester Hayley went on to have a beautiful little girl. Her story isn’t too dissimilar to my own. Even though she was induced and there were a few hairy moments during her labour the Hypnobirthing skills she learnt helped her cope with the situation and power through. “After a few weeks of sporadic aches and pains, I was excited to feel my first ‘real’ (but still very irregular) surges on the Saturday night. Through the night they continued to come every 30-40 minutes and were of a decent intensity. My ‘up’ breaths were put to practice but the surges were still manageable. Frustratingly, on Sunday...Read More

Hypnobirthing – What’s in it for Dad’s?

Hypnobirthing – What’s in it for Dad’s? Dads let’s face it (especially if you are a first time dad) it’s unlikely that you feel that involved with all this pregnancy business and that’s ok! We understand. At the moment it’s all about mum and the growing bump, which may include crazy mood swings and food cravings. The thought of being dragged to a baby class may fill you with dread. Then your significant other tells you she would like to do Hypnobirthing. Hypno . . . . Birthing? Sounds even worse, doesn’t it! Well here’s some ‘what’s in it for me’ tips for all of the Dads out there: • Understanding the Science – Hypnobirthing classes spend a good proportion of time going over the science of birth including how the m...Read More

My Hypnobirthing Story Part Two – The Birth

My Hypnobirthing Story Part Two Equipped and ready to go but suffering terribly with SPD I finished work 2 weeks before my due date. 4 days later my waters broke in the middle of the night; well they practically broke and to be honest I thought I’d wet myself. The next morning after calling the Midwife lead unit at 2 am I had a check; yes my waters were partially broken. I was told that if I went into labour in the next 24 hours I could come to the unit (my preferred choice) if it was longer off to hospital with the view to be induced. So off I went home, post check. I went to Waitrose (had a pretty intense surge in the frozen aisle), relaxed at home, ate pineapple. Unfortunately, even though I was relaxed and happy nothing was really happening. Fast forward 48 hours and I am hooked up...Read More

My Hypnobirthing Story Part One – The Sessions

My Hypnobirthing Story Part One I want to start off by saying that my approach to Hypnobirthing came from a slightly different perspective than most expectant parents as I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and I was already well aware of the power of the mind and how hypnotherapy techniques can change people’s behaviours and in turn their lives. Having said that I didn’t actually know a lot about Hypnobirthing. A fellow hypno friend had done her hypnobirthing training a year before I became pregnant and of course she was my first port of call. About two months before my due date we did three hypnobirthing sessions together. I hadn’t been able to convince my husband to partake as he was already doing NCT classes with me and generally steers well clear of my hypno related activities!! In hin...Read More